Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad blogger!

I have neglected this thing! Its been too crazy to post anything. Daniel just got over his first ever illness. He had a viral infection with just a fever of 102.2! It was terrible we felt so bad for him. But he bounced back with in 3 days. Tonight going to penny's to get his Christmas and birthday pics done. Then next week leaving for Louisiana to see Davids sister and her fiance fro Thanksgiving. Its going to be a good one! On the 24th will be our 1 year since it was legal that we adopted Daniel from Moscow. We ate Ramon noodle and broccoli for thanks giving, so I'm making up for it this year! Its so crazy to thing it has been a year! On Dec 4th is our Gotcha day! We left baby home #22 and never looked back! But those 10days of waiting were terrible. Thank God we met April and Dan and got out of that apartment and explored! It helped pass the time!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Hunter and Michael said...

You so need to update ;)

Anonymous said...

I know I will
very very soon
patti i gotta get my password