Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad blogger!

I have neglected this thing! Its been too crazy to post anything. Daniel just got over his first ever illness. He had a viral infection with just a fever of 102.2! It was terrible we felt so bad for him. But he bounced back with in 3 days. Tonight going to penny's to get his Christmas and birthday pics done. Then next week leaving for Louisiana to see Davids sister and her fiance fro Thanksgiving. Its going to be a good one! On the 24th will be our 1 year since it was legal that we adopted Daniel from Moscow. We ate Ramon noodle and broccoli for thanks giving, so I'm making up for it this year! Its so crazy to thing it has been a year! On Dec 4th is our Gotcha day! We left baby home #22 and never looked back! But those 10days of waiting were terrible. Thank God we met April and Dan and got out of that apartment and explored! It helped pass the time!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We love Fall!

Finally the weather is changing, and the leaves are changing colors! Warms up a bit still in the day but its getting cool at night. New things Daniel has done, would be that he can finally drive that Jeep power wheels, and steer it. SO when the weathers right we take it around the neighborhood, or to the pond to feed the ducks. I'm sure that him peddling his bike full time is not far away. Doing the whole potty training thing, but unfortunately I am not 100% committed, so its here and there. He can pull his pants down and pulls likes to sit on the potty but has yet to do anything in there. I do notice when he is running around the house half naked, that we still leave the light and door open for the potty and he is going in there to pee but falls short of the toilet. SO the floor has been catching it all. He is holding his pee, because his diapers have been staying dry for longer periods of time. Also his #2 pattern has changed. No more in the am, just at night now and more uniformed in shape, no more flat pancakes. So I definitely have some stories on naked in his room peeing on the floor already! Its going well so far, not pushing him. He'll get it soon. As we are getting closer to his 3rd b-day I will have to step up and do more to encourage him.

We also have upgraded to a twin bed for him. And he got his own bean bag chair that he loves. He sits in it looking at his books and puts it in front of his tv and watches Mickey sometimes. So to my suprise when he went down for a nap, and I went in to make sure his blankets were on him, found him sleeping in his chair. Hes so darn cute, and it really was like he was made for us! That adoption was our saving grace to have such a wonderful, smart, courious, ENERGETIC, and hansome little man!

Can't believe that on Oct 28th will be a year since our very first time meeting him. (also that horrible plan scare) Makes it all worth it!

Hoping to go pumpkin picking and hay rides this Sat. It Daniels first Halloween, and Thanksgiving this year, and ours as parents David and I can't wait!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Home from NJ

I have been neglecting my blog and using more of my facebook. But since some of you don't have a Myspace or facebook, I wanted to put some pics on here. Daniel did great for the wedding he did not make it all the way down the isle, got a little side tracked. I had a dress blow out after the wedding. It was great to see all of my family that I haven't kept in touch with or seen in 10+ years. My cousin Kim and her hubby Justin had a beautiful wedding, there such a cute couple. When we went to NJ after spent time with Davids brother and his Fiance. Had a great time visiting my parents and Davids Aunts and Grandmother.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid nap time has gotten a whole lot harder around here. I'm afraid the might be coming to an end. Or I need to spend more time in putting him down. As we try to get back into a schedule. I have increased Daniels speech therapy from 2xs a month to 3. She doesn't see a whole lot of progress, but we all here do. I can see where he was to where he is now. So I know david and I are going to have to talk soon about preschool, even though we really dont want him to go in. But if its for like 2xs a week, that might be do able. We just dont want him to go full time. David doesn't want him to go at all. Hes afraid of him getting sick all the time. For the most part we haven't had any illness's with him. We are planning on getting his Tonsils next month. So leaving this post with pic from our recent trip!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Ball Game

Last Saturday one of David's friends invited us to go to a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game. Daniel had a good time, I think he was a little too young hard to keep him interested in the game. But as soon as he saw the mascots he was so excited. We only stayed half way through the game because it was getting late. So here is some pics from that outing!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. We spent most of the day hanging around the house. Until about 5 we went to grandpa's house and Daniel went swimming with grandpa. We had some hotdogs and left to go and see fireworks @ the beach. The beach was packed full of people. I almost didnt think I could get David out to watch them since there was so many people. But we sat on the beach and all watched the many displays of fireworks. We had a visit last week from my mom, grandmother, sister and brother. We had alot of fun! David and I were thinking about what we did lastyear about this time, we were finishing up our pictures to send over with our dossier. This week we sent it over to Russia. Very happy to home with daniel than where we were last year. So heres ome random pics of our visit with grandma and the 4th!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Transition bed success, and 2.5 years old today!

Well, dont know where to start, the weather has changed. Its so hot and humid to do anything out side unless it involves water. Its been over 2 weeks since davids mother has past away. We had about 5 family members sleeping at our house, not to mention the 6 at my father in laws house. Very sad, she never got to meet her first grandson. Even though we were together for such a sad reason. It was the first time Davids sister and her fiance got to meet Daniel as well as Davids old brother Jeff. It felt really good to all be together again. Davids dad came over everynight and everyone just sat out on the porch looking thorough pics, and telling stories. So stories and pics are all we have to tell Daniel about his grandmother. Atleast she has her brother and parents in heaven with her. Plus her hands full with our 4 little babies. She will be missed and loved.

Davids trying to keep busy, hes been fishing alot. I used to be his first mate, but with daniel still not ready to go on a boat hes been going with friends. Finally caught some spot tails and we had some for dinner last night. It was good.

Also, we have made the jump to put daniel in a toddler bed. First I was dreading it. No sleep, he can rome the house, get into things. But Im such a light sleeper theres not a chance I wouldnt hear him. Also I was sad to see him jump right into the bed and get the idea of night~night. I guess I think crib=baby. Now Toddler bed= big boy. Hes growing so big and fast that it makes me sad to see him as a big boy. ANd its only been 6 months home. Now if I can only master the potty training!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crab Fest was a blast~

We left the house around 12pm, of course no nap for daniel. It was hot out, I got sunburn, but we all had a great time. They estimate about 40,000 people again this year. It sure felt like half of them were there on Sat.

Here he is not liking his corn dog!

Daniel in this Jump swing, he cant really jump yet, so he really just went back and forth like swing!

Daniel with Grandpa Lesko Getting his Harley tattoo. I think he kept thinking it was a boo-boo, cause he kept wanting someone to kiss it!David and Daniel waiting in line for the jump swing

When we got home we ended the day with letting daniel play outside. Its was so hot that day that we just let him play in the sprinkler, he loved it! Cant wait to see him in the pool and when we go out on the boat. David bought him his own spider man fishing pole. It even has a fake rubber fish attached to it! How cute!
Still unsure about this weekend what we are going to do?

Happy Memorial Day!